Boston 2012

Every two years the Wind Ensemble and Concert Band travel on an overnight concert tour.  The 2012 tour is to Boston, MA.  

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April 19 - Leave MPHS

We have arrived safe and sound in the hotel.  All students are in their rooms for the night.

April 20 - Day 2

Day started out with breakfast in the hotel and an on time departure on the bus...

Then it was off to the museum of science for a math and science day of learning...



Then we boarded our ducks for our tours of Boston...


Our Many Drivers

duck2.jpg duck3.jpg
duck5.jpg duck6.jpg
duck7.jpg duck8.jpg

Then a quick stop at the Holocaust Memorial and some Historic Biuldings...
halucost.jpg halucost2.jpg

Then dinner and a show at Hard Rock and Blue Man Group...


All are back at hotel for some rest and relaxation!!!

More Updates Tomorrow...

Here is the morning update...The movie was requested by the students to be added...

April 21 - Day 3

Long day 3...Awesome Weather!!!

Group 1 went to the Aquarium and walked through boston including a stop at Mike's Pastry Shop.



Group 2 - Headed out for a Whale watch with many, many, many whales and then back to the aquarium...



We did use sunscreen but I think we may all have wind burn...

The end of the whale watching seemed to exhaust everyone...

sleep1.jpg sleep2.jpg

Then we met up with some Alumni from Class of '99, Class of '03 and Class of '11
brettlyn.jpg bobby.jpg

Tomorrow is performance day followed by celebratory last meal of the trip...

Last update from the road.  Final Update on Monday Morning (or Sunday night if I get some sleep!!!)

April 22 - Day 4

Our final day was great except for the traffic and rain on the way home...

Our visit to the New England Conservatory was amazing.  The students worked with Professor Drurey on a variety of musical concepts in 4 different pieces of music.  The clinic took place in the large recital hall.  Following the clinic the students were able to tour Jordan Hall.  The concert venue opened in 1903.  It is listed as a National Historical Landmark and has been home to countless famous performers.  It was a great way to end a weekend filled with amazing experiences!!!




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